University of Colorado Denver, 2020 – present
Associate Professor Clinical Teaching Track, History Department

Northeastern University, 2016-2020
Assistant Professor, History Department

Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, 2016-2017
Visiting Scholar

Rutgers University, 2015-2016
Andrew W. Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow, History Department


Stanford University, 2009-2015
Ph.D. in American History

Pomona College, 2004-2008
B.A. in History, minor in Religious Studies


Paper Trails: The US Post and the Making of the American West (New York: Oxford University Press, 2021).

  • Winner of the 2022 Western Heritage Award for Outstanding Non-Fiction
  • Winner of the 2022 National Postal Museum Award for Scholarship in Postal History
  • Accompanying Website: Cameron Blevins, Yan Wu, and Steven Braun, “Gossamer Network” (2021), https://gossamernetwork.com

Cameron Blevins and Christy Hyman, “Digital History and the Civil War Era,” Journal of the Civil War Era, Vol 12, No. 1 (March 2022). [online]

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“‘Owned by Negro Venture’: Land and Liberty in the Life of Venture Smith,” in James Stewart, ed., Venture Smith and the Business of Slavery and Freedom (Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 2010), 129-159. [WorldCat] [GoogleBooks]


“Integrating Geography into History Classes” on panel “History and the Spatial Turn: Pedagogical Approaches,” American Historical Association, January 2023

“Putting Lesbian Community Building on the Map,” on panel “Geography, Media, and Queer Community Formation” (Panel Organizer) Critical Digital Humanities International Conference, September 2022

“The Unessay,” on panel “Beyond the Essay: Rethinking Student Assignments” (Panel Organizer and Chair) Organization of American Historians, April 2021

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“Bodies in Motion: Women, Mobility, and the Overland Trail,” on panel, “Merchants, Emigrants, and Vacationers: Transplanting Gender from East to West,” Western History Association Conference, October 2013

“Digital Diaries, Digital Tools: A Comparative Approach to Eighteenth-Century Women’s History,” Women’s History in the Digital World, March 2013

“A Geography of Nineteenth-Century English and American Fiction,” on panel;”A Place for Text and Narrative in Humanities GIS I,” Social Science History Association, November 2012

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“Topic Modeling Historical Sources,” Digital Humanities 2011, Stanford University, June 2011

“Mining the Diary of Martha Ballard,” Berkshire Conference of Women’s Historians (Poster Session), University of Massachusetts-Amherst, June 2011

A Midwife’s Tale in the Digital Age: Text Mining the Diary of Martha Ballard,” Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI), University of Victoria, June 2010


“Information, Infrastructure, and the Geography of State Power,” keynote address for Processes of Spatialization under the Global Condition, Leipzig Collaborative Research Center, September 2022.

“Paper Trails: The US Post and the Making of the American West,” co-sponsored by the Center for Presidential History and the Clements Center for Southwest Studies, Southern Methodist University, November 11, 2021. [video]

Roundtable Plenary Session, Current Research in Digital History, March 2019.

“Digital History and the Spatial Turn,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology, February 2019.

Commentator, Digital Research in Early America Workshop, William and Mary Quarterly-UC Irvine, October 2018

Participant, Arguing With Digital History Workshop, George Mason University, September 2017

“Data Literacy for Historians,” workshop for AHA Career Diversity for Historians, University of New Mexico, February 2016

Participant, Western History Dissertation Workshop, University of Washington, May 2014

Participant, Sorting the Digital Humanities Out, Umeå University, December 2013

Participant, NEH Advanced Institute for Spatial Narratives and Deep Mapping, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, June 2012

Participant, Institute for Enabling Geospatial Scholarship, University of Virginia, May 2010

“Combating Modern Slavery in the Digital Age,” Abolishing Slavery Then And Now, New York City, June 2008

“Land And Liberty in the Life of Venture Smith,” (keynote address) Documenting Venture Smith Conference, Haddam, CT, October 2007


Co-Principal Investigator, CU Next Award for intercampus pedagogical innovation ($297,271), “Data Advocacy for All: An Open Access Digital Repository for Innovative Data-Driven Curricula”, 2022-2025

ThinqStudio Faculty Fellowship, University of Colorado Denver, 2022-2024

Western Heritage Award for Outstanding Non-Fiction for Paper Trails: The US Post and the Making of the American West, 2022

National Postal Museum Award for Scholarship in Postal History for Paper Trails: The US Post and the Making of the American West, 2022

Teaching Enhancement Grant, Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, CU Denver, 2022

Project Co-Director, with Serena Parekh and Liza Weinstein, National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute ($152,962), “Engaging Geography in the Humanities,” July 2020. [Postponed due to COVID-19]

Seedling Grant, NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks, Northeastern University, 2018, 2019

Team Member, NEH Digital Humanities Implementation Grant: Textual Geographies, 2016-2017

Thomas D. Dee II Graduate Fellowship, Bill Lane Center for the American West, Stanford University, 2014-2015

Centennial Award for Graduate Teaching, Stanford University, 2014

Research Grant, Graduate Research Opportunity Fund, Stanford University, 2013

Prize for Excellence in First-Time Teaching, Stanford History Department, 2010-2011

Research Grant, Presidential Fund for Innovation in the Humanities (Stanford University), Summer 2010

Phi Beta Kappa, Pomona College, May 2008


Book Review, Philip Rubio, Undelivered: From the Great Postal Strike of 1970 to the Manufactured Crisis of the U.S. Postal Service, in Business History Review, 96, 2, Summer 2022. [online]

“The Spatial Framework of Nature’s Metropolis,” part of roundtable review “Nature’s Metropolis at 30” in Commonplace: The Journal of Early American Life Journal, December 2021. [online]

Project Review, The Programming Historian, in The Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy, December 2015. [online]


Reviewer, International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing, 2016, 2022

Grant Reviewer, NEH Office of Digital Humanities, 2016, 2018, 2022

Reviewer, Current Research in Digital History, 2020, 2022

Reviewer, Digital Humanities Quarterly, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021

Reviewer, Journal of Policy History, 2021

Reviewer (Open Peer Review), American Historical Review, 2020

Reviewer, Cultural Analytics, 2020

Reviewer, Population Research and Policy Review, 2020

Reviewer, Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 2018

Reviewer, Environmental History, 2017

Reviewer, History Compass, 2015

Reviewer, Literary and Linguistic Computing, 2011-2012

Workshop Coordinator, Visualizing Complexity and Uncertainty, Stanford Humanities Center, 2011-2012

Coordinator, U.S. History Workshop, Stanford History Department, 2011-2012

Graduate Representative, Stanford History Department, 2010-2011

Co-organizer, Tooling Up for Digital Humanities, Stanford University, 2010-2011

Organizing Committee, THATCamp Bay Area, 2010


Core faculty member for the Digital Studies Certificate, CU Denver, 2020-present.

Standing Committee on Digital Proficiencies and Quantitative Methods, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Northeastern University, 2019-2020.

NULab Working Group on Digital Minors, Northeastern University, 2018-2020.

NULab Subcommittee on the Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate Program, 2018-2020.

College of Social Sciences and Humanities Research Working Group, Northeastern University, 2018-2019.

Advisory Board Member, Northeastern Humanities Center, 2017-2019.


Introduction to Digital Studies, CU Denver, Spring 2021, Spring 2022

History Seminar (capstone for the History Major), CU Denver, Fall 2020, Spring 2022

Data: A User Manual, CU Denver, Fall 2021

Theory and Practice of History: An Introduction to the Major, CU Denver, Spring 2021, Fall 2021

U.S. History Since 1876, CU Denver, Fall 2020, Fall 2021

Civil War and Reconstruction, Northeastern University, Spring 2019, CU Denver, Fall 2020

Digital Space and Place (graduate), Northeastern University, Spring 2018, Spring 2020

Introduction to U.S. History, Northeastern University, Fall 2018, Spring 2020

Texts, Maps, and Networks: Methods and Readings in Digital History (graduate), Northeastern University, Fall 2018, Fall 2019

History of the Western U.S., Northeastern University, Spring 2018, Fall 2019

History and Trump, Northeastern University, Fall 2017

Mapping the Past: A Spatial History of the United States, Rutgers University, Spring 2016

Graduate Peer Teaching Mentor, Stanford History Department, 2013-2014

The Digital Historian’s Toolkit: Studying the West in an Age of Big Data, Stanford University, Autumn Quarter 2012 [course site]

Teaching Assistant, Global Human Geography (Martin Lewis), Stanford University, Winter Quarter 2012

Co-Instructor, Tooling Up for Digital Humanities, Stanford University, Spring Quarter 2011 [course site]

Teaching Assistant, Nineteenth-Century America (James Campbell), Stanford University, Winter Quarter 2011

Teaching Assistant, Colonial and Revolutionary North America (Caroline Winterer), Stanford University, Autumn Quarter 2010

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